Getting over a person

Name: Flossy My age: 23

The only difference between right now and years ago is that in the past, I would have allowed my feelings associated with this experience to completely paralyze me. The grip of that paralysis would remain, until I was reduced to someone that I had no choice but to hate, punish, sabotage, and disrespect.

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I actually feel pain on a much deeper and more constructive level now. Today, I always make sure to feel my pain to the point of it propelling me into action. A few years ago, I waved the white flag to everything but the red and pink ones all around me.

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I gave into my fears and gave up on myself. I had absolutely no direction, friends, or purpose.

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I was too scared of trying to kill myself, failing at that too, and risking a life where I would be in a vegetative state; dependent on the family I was trying to prove wrong. The friends that I had never understood. I was a good person. All I had done was allow them, with all the love in my getting over a person, to exploit my disease to please.

I was the first one there when they needed me. What was I doing that was so bad? I needed to know. I knew that they loved me deep down. I knew it in my bones. So, I asked them what was up. I was NOT the victim here. Remember — Your boundaries and tolerations go hand-in-hand. We need to stop giving perceived intention so much power. I was investing my emotional and physical time in people who were anchors.

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The moment I wanted to cut the anchor implement healthy boundariesI felt guilty. I have a very close family member who I can say without a doubt, loves me with all of his heart. I spent my entire life riding on the belief of his good intentions. I needed these people to validate me so that I could invalidate the pain that he had caused. I gave up. I surrendered to the relational defeat. I surrendered to the never-realized dream of superficial perfection.

I lost. People getting over a person I had gone nuts. Little by little, I started to actually sleep better. My health got better — emotionally and physically.

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I then became more protective of my progress than I was interested in scratching the mosquito bite of my triggers. I created this blog in the process of that and never gave up. Little by little, I started to attract people in both my personal life and around the world who became the family and friends I always wanted and never had. So, I kept going. Our connection is not a lazy one. It is the getting over a person intimate and meaningful connection there is — Connection through feelings of pain that do everything to trick us into thinking we better keep quiet because we are alone in them.

First and foremost: ditch your breakup timeline.

getting over a person We are conditioned to want love, validation, support, and encouragement from the kind of people who will never be able to give it to us. Sadly, these people can be related to us. Knowing how to get over someone you love is not about some magical formula or a mantra. No matter how small or seemingly inificant it is.

I am in No Contact with people I see and interact with every day. Not so you become this emotionally void statue, but so you can become more available to those who are just as available to you. Trying to figure out how to get over someone who treated you with respect, empathized, and communicated clearly is tough enough.

Because to be in a relationship of any kind with this person, your self-esteem needs to be compromised and as long as your self-esteem is compromised, you will always hold out for what these people do not have in their possession to give: commitment, empathy, and communication. It will tell you everything you getting over a person to know.

We are conditioned to want that which is in limited supply. I pray I've got this much strength when I do get through my issues to help others like you do.


And God, you must be a busy bee at the moment! And you still drop posts like bombs full of love and I am so thankful every time, you have no idea how much I appreciate you finding time to write them and lift me up. You have that same strength and more. Hi Nats I enrolled in your getting over a person. I have not yet begun and I already feel great Thank you thank you thank you thank you a million times Love love love love love lots lots of it Meg.

Please tell me how you are liking it after you begin. Love and miss you. My Mom sends her love too.

How to get over someone who you think you'll never get over

Thank you, Natasha. You have saved me from myself. Because of your words and guidance I have started to change my behavior towards myself and others. All my love.

How to get over someone you loved deeply and move on

Sarah, I am in tears. You saved you — I am just so honored to have held the mirror up until you saw the beauty, capability, resillience, strength, and courage that has been there all along. Thank u Natasha for this one! Bang on! He came, empty handed as usual and emotionally void as well just to spend some relaxing time with me being the doormat…he neither talked about my birthday nor made any plan as well…he took it for granted that I have getting over a person entertain him!

I hope I get the strength to snatch my pen from his hand and start to write my own story. Thank u again for this post.

And that’s when i realized exactly how to get over someone you love.

Hi hemlan You are not alone. Been there done that again and again : …… But I am still standing and improving inch by inch……i totally understand what you are feeling and going thru. Stay strong…… I am rooting for you…. We all are……. Love Meg. This could not have come at a better timing for me personally. Love you soul sister! Thank you for sharing and affiming that none of us are alone. Thank You Natasha! I have read older articles and reread many of the current ones and found that they became part of me and how I saw myself and others.

I share your words and getting over a person people to this site so many times because you have a way of getting to the heart of a topic that makes it easy to understand and start applying.

Give yourself a break if you're still in love.

The post today was spot on with where I am. It is so encouraging to to have someone be able to put in words the answers to the questions that come late at night and cause no sleep. The website is great and will help so many to finally be the person they always needed to be for themselves.

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Thank you for being a part of this tribe and for being a sister on a soul level. Mostly for just being YOU. Hey Meg. Thanks for ur support this.

I wish I can say I am improving but I am not sure coz one day I am so strong n the confident woman I have always been n the next day my insecurities get back to me and I find myself back to square one. I hope one day comes that I get back the person that I was, the one who got robbed of her identity by a man who has been and is still reckless with my heart. Thank you for this.

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