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Preface 2.

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Revised Great Lakes Indicator Framework 3. Changes to the Indicator Assessment Process 4. Deleted or Replaced Indicators 6. Proposed Indicators with Descriptions and Sample Reports 7. Progress Indicator Reports - status of information a. Ground Surface Hardening d. Non-native Species - Terrestrial, e.

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Included are changes to the organizing framework as well as to the indicators themselves. Background During and earlyexternal and internal peer reviews were burlington7054 adult personals to objectively identify strengths and weaknesses of the process, products and personalz of SOLEC. The external peer review burkington conducted by a panel of experts on indicator monitoring and reporting systems outside the Great Lakes basin.

The second, internal peer burkington workshop consisted of a review and evaluation of the suite of Great Lakes basin indicators by an independent, knowledgeable group of data generators and information users from the Great Lakes basin.

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The objectives of this second session included evaluating the entire suite of indicators for their utility, success and effectiveness in reporting and influencing decision makers. Suggestions for improvement as well as positive validations emerged from both of these peer reviews. EPA and Environment Canada, and will be available in burlingtoon For example, steps were taken to reduce or consolidate burlington7054 adult personals indicators into a persinals manageable presentation by "bundling" groups of related indicators together.

This was a suggestion made at both peer review sessions.

Additionally, the indicators themselves underwent review and revision resulting in the deletion, combination, replacement or proposal of indicators and their descriptions. Revised Great Lakes Indicator Framework A strong message that emerged from both Peer Review sessions was the need to reduce the overall of indicators by identifying and eliminating those indicators that may burlington adult personals unnecessary or redundant.

An additional and related comment was that in order to accomplish this reduction, categorical groupings of indicators ubrlington topic, issue or theme could be developed. Based on these recommendations, SOLEC organizers grouped related burlington7054 adult personals into the following and sub- or "bundles" and "sub-bundles" for ease in and presentation pereonals related information and understanding of the larger issue: 1. Contamination a. Nutrients b.

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Toxics in Biota c. Toxics in Media d. Biotic Communities a. Fish b. Birds c. Mammals d. Amphibians e. Invertebrates sydney ns escorts. Plants g.

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Protected Areas 8. Resource Utilization 9.

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Climate Change In this approach, many indicators are relevant to more than one category. Other are possible, and they may adulg greater usefulness in the future. Likewise, burlington adult personals "old" ly used for reporting Great Lakes indicators may still be relevant for some users. As originally conceived, the Great Lakes suite of indicators was developed around the topics of open and nearshore waters, coastal wetlands, nearshore burlington7054 adult personals, land use, human health, societal, and unbounded.

Each indicator was associated with one primary category, but all the indicators were also evaluated for relevancy to other SOLEC and to other major environmental groupings e.

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The currently listed are incomplete, and others may be incorporated in the future. For example, under "Aquatic Habitats," indicators have yet to be identified and developed for inland surface waters, including tributaries, inland lakes, and inland wetlands.

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The category "Resource Utilization" is also very incomplete and will require quite extensive consideration of socio-economic indicators relevant to the assessment of Great Lakes ecosystem components. Likewise, "Human Health" could be expanded to "Human Burlington7054 adult personals and Well Being" and include indicators to assess social halesowen road prostitutes of residents in the Great Lakes burlingtom Changes to the Indicator Assessment Process In response to suggestions from the peer reviews that the SOLEC process for the assessment of indicators was not sufficiently transparent or standardized, some changes were made to make burlington adult personals more credible and internally consistent.

These were not always sufficient or helpful.

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For SOLECa system is being used to burlington7054 adult personals express the relative condition and trend for all indicators. Authors have provided a qualitative assessment as they have done in the past, but the assessment are now less ambiguous. Specifically, authors have provided a "condition" of the ecosystem related to their indicator by selecting a "good, fair, poor or mixed" status and then asing a "direction" of "improving, unchanged, deteriorating or undetermined" to each indicator.

Four broad ranking were used to characterize the assessments: Good. The ecosystem component s displays both good and degraded features. In addition, four ecosystem trajectories or trends overtime were recognized: Improving. Information provided by the report shows oakville escort bbbj burlington adult personals component s to be changing toward more acceptable conditions.

Information provided by the report shows the ecosystem component s to be changing away from acceptable conditions.

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Data are not available to assess the ecosystem component s over burlington7054 adult personals, so no trend can be identified. Each of the indicators has been reviewed relative to its status inincluding possible changes in the descriptions of the indicators full descriptions for all indicators burlington adult personals the Great Lakes Suite can be viewed in Appendix 1 to this report.

Some indicators have been modified or added, and new burlingto have been developed. In some cases, modifications have been suggested, but one or more experts have not yet reviewed the indicator description burliington the context of the suggested changes.

Indicators that have been deleted since are listed in the next section of this report. No change has been suggested in the indicator description fromand no change is required.

A description has been provided. This indicator improves the suite of Great Lakes indicators by replacing another that was being used in The indicator was part of the Great Lakes indicators suite inbut pesronals description has been revised.

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The revisions have not yet been achieved, but a report was prepared for based bbw escorts indy the old description. Table 1.

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Revised description Proposed at Replaces Personald title. Revised description New indicator. Replaces New description No change No change New indicator. Revised description Revised description needed No change Revised description needed New title. New indicator. Replaces 3.

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Need description New indicator. New description New indicator.

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New description No change New indicator. Revised description Revised description New title.

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Description needed New indicator. Description needed No action taken Proposed at Proposed at Revised description needed Revised description needed Revised description needed Revised description escort in philippine Revised description needed Revised description needed Revised description needed No action taken Proposed at. Burlington adult personals. About me. Chat now. Popular users.

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