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She looks young. When she walks, she staggers slightly, twirling her blond hair and at times, pulling at the long strands and sticking them in the corner of her mouth, sucking on them. Most of the usual crowd on 97 Street in the Alberta Avenue area barely acknowledge the woman on bathurst street prostitute locations corner. The sharks in this case are johns and the officer on the radio is a member of the city police human trafficking and exploitation unit.

A man in his mid to late 70s, wearing baggy track pants and a battered plaid shirt, his grey hair tucked inside a multi-coloured tuque topped with a floppy pompom, approaches the woman. The age difference is startling. She could easily be his daughter or possibly even a granddaughter. A large chunk of those arrests stemmed from stings over multiple days and areas of the city.


bathurst street prostitute locations Until a landmark Supreme Court ruling inCanada v. Bedford, it was sex workers who were largely punished in the legal system for selling sex. Since the change in legislation, Edmonton police have focused their efforts on targeting sexual predators and pimps — and on the education of johns and the protection of sex workers.

When officers from the unit are not working on street stings or hotel busts, they also visit escorts in motels checking on their welfare and well-being as well as checking in on d body rub parlours and helping shutter illegal operations. They also, amongst a cavalcade of other investigators, probe organized crime links to human trafficking in the sex industry in the city.

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It seeks to help in the rehabilitation and education of people — predominantly men — caught purchasing sex in the city for the first time. No more than 10 minutes after the first john is written up by police during the 97 Street sting, a black truck rolls up. Asked to profile what a john looks like or how they act draws a large sigh from EPS Det. Shane Darda.

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It is something he has been thinking about since he ed the unit. Sitting behind the steering wheel of the undercover wagon parked on a tree-lined city street, he takes a few seconds to answer. The reasons, or excuses, for bathurst street prostitute locations street sex are never the same but they fall into broadhe adds, before running through a oft-repeated list:.

Whether or not you believe the reasons, the consequences are the same. It is illegal to buy sex in Canada. Vehicles, mostly trucks, prowl the darkening streets, making illegal U-turns and heading up the labyrinthine alleys. Some of the drivers work inward in concentric circles scoping out the parked vehicles for any of a sting operation.

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Others dart in swiftly and directly toward the women. Some get spooked, like stray cats also prowling the streets. Those who are spooked may have been caught before and recognize a sting in operation, Darda said.

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Others have a split second of sanity and take off into the darkness. Some will be back. One man arrives and the opportunity for sex sends him to the closest drive-thru bank machine where he is blocked at either end by two marked police cars.

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He is later charged with uttering threats against a police officer when he threatens to harm the decoy. Sitting handcuffed in the back of the police cruiser, he kicks at the floor but his foot slips and hits the barrier. Some will have extra charges tacked on but at the core is a charge of obtaining sexual services for consideration. In late Decembera case tied to a john arrest went before the Alberta provincial court. It does neither. Earlier in the day, before everyone converged in the motel, unit members posted a series of.

'sharks are circling': on the streets with edmonton’s human trafficking and exploitation unit

There is nothing extraordinary about them, just offering a chance at a potential rendezvous and a hint at the acts on offer. Within an hour, the johns begin reaching out via text message. Sitting on the couch, unit members tap away at the keyboards on their cellphones replying to as many as two dozen men at any one time. Bathurst street prostitute locations volley of bleeps, pings and dings is partly masked by a replay of the eastern Canadian Football League semifinal between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the B.

Lions on television in the background. The processing room falls quiet, still enough that all that can be heard is the exhaust fan whirring in the bathroom and the creaking of the leather belt worn by the police officer whose face is squished against the door, his eye trained on the peep hole.

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Within a matter of minutes the door across the hall where the arrest team is located opens and beeps. The officer cracks his door and opens it wider as a handcuffed man is led in and seated against the wall.

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The man is wearing ripped blue jeans, runners, a black shirt and a black jacket. He tells the officers he is As he sits down and sees the entire room of police and observers, he lets out a deep sigh and keeps his eyes trained on the stained carpet.

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One of the arresting officers re him his rights as another empties his pockets and lays out his belonging on a chair beside him. He asks if he can stand up and lean against the wall. Dan Duiker, a tall, barrel-chested man, moves across the room and sits across from the first would-be client. He mentions the alternative measures program.

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If this is his first offence and he has no serious criminal history, the john will be offered a placement in john school. The john starts to get anxious. His breathing gets heavier and his eyes well with tears.

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He starts sniffling. The money, which is the fine for the offence he is being charged with, will go to CEASE and its non-profit work.

You made a bad decision. I needed this.

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Thank you. Bathurst street prostitute locations after the first john is released, another man makes his way up from the lobby to the motel room. He wants the decoy to call him Mr. By p. Unlike the first john, Mr.

X shows little concern about his situation. He is wearing a hoodie, slacks, black runners and glasses. He is clean shaven. He said the reason he was there is because he is stressed with upcoming exams. And you hiring her you are just making that pimp rich, understand? After the handcuffs are ratcheted off, Mr. An officer tells him that when he leaves he must head out through a staircase at the rear of the hotel. He does what he is told but before he leaves, his phone blinks revealing a photo of him holding.

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As he is leaving, Duiker turns and explains that his reaction — or lack thereof — is quite normal. In one instance a man attempted to lunge for a black sports bag he had as he entered the room, but he was tackled and subdued by an officer. As this night progresses, a conga line of johns are arrested, processed and released. They range in age from their 30s to late 60s and hold myriad jobs from the medical field to mechanics, plumbers and welders.

He goes on to tell the officer that he recently broke up with his bathurst street prostitute locations girlfriend and thought that this was going to help him get over it but he stops himself mid-sentence. Only a few bother putting up a defence.

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Another said he only wanted a massage. Most just sit silently waiting for it to be over.

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Despite the website being littered with dozens upon dozens of other profiles offering all manner of sexual fetishes, the small team is engaging electronically with as many as 20 men at a time. Their online are deed to look ordinary. Too much can lead to too few contacts.

Too little and they will be drowned out in the sea of naked and near-naked profiles. By the end of the night, thesandwiched between hundreds of legitimate offerings, will be viewed thousands of times. By the time the bedside clock hits 10 p. up to receive daily headline news from the Edmonton Journal, a division of Postmedia Network Inc.

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