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And no one books them? Or if they get fat?

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As a brothel owner did you have to "let them go", because that would seem the cruelest conversation. And how does that work with employment laws? The same thing that happens to models, ballerinas, competitive athletes, or anyone else whose body is their business.

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They look for another job. Even so, sex work doesn't really have the "use by" date that many particularly women seem to assume it does. The main requirement for escorting is the ability to leave your ego at the door, and to feel empathy. This means many escorts get better with age, and can keep working until well past retirement age - if they choose to.

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When I was a fashion model, underfed female magazine editors and mostly gay fashion deers dictated what age I needed to be and when my time in the profession was up. The age, height and weight range for a life after escorting is miniscule; while conversely the industry's target market was women of all ages, their only common requirement - insecurity.

As a purveyor of sex, I went from plying one-dimensional youthful perfection to insecure womento selling three-dimensional women's time.

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Due to our pricing, our target market was mostly men and some women over And as men are attracted to a million variants of ages, shapes and sizes in women, I engaged a smorgasbord of 'types'. I opened my agency injust prior to the meteoric rise of websites and the obligatory photoshopping of everything so at first, our escorts were described over the phone.

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In many ways it was easier - like the book versus the film, as based on my descriptions, the client's imagination would form the visual. My first two escorts independent contractors were older, one in her early 30s and the other almost At first, when hearing the older one's age, many clients would hang up. Calling back to berate them didn't achieve anything, so I changed tactic.

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Elegant and feminine with a self-assured demeanour, most importantly she oozes sexual confidence. She is 5ft 7", and a curvaceous size with a magnificent 36DD bust which she loves to show off in her exquisite French lingerie.

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Clients tell me she truly understands men. The success of my business depended on creating an honest yet desirable visual for them.

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I never lied, merely avoided direct questions. For example; "Sir, it's not polite to ask a mature woman her age, besides, it's not about that is it? It's about her ability. These were men who, in public, may well have balked at the idea of life after escorting for sex with a woman in her 60s, and yet in secret, free from society's judgement, Samantha was consistently rebooked.

There were other agencies, with younger women charging half the price — but these men chose her.

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The demand for female perfection the sex industry still didn't exist in Sadly, the internet changed all that and today, if I was to load un-photoshopped images of Samantha in lingerie, the image would block the sale. Thanks to the pornography-driven depiction of perfection, we've gone backwards. But it showed me that men don't judge us the way we judge ourselves, that most men prefer self-confidence over flawlessness.

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Beauty helps, but it isn't the deal breaker women often believe it is. Most women don't listen or even care what men say. When clients asked me to tell the escort they were seeing to "please hold the make-up", that they preferred "a more natural look", the girls refused.

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As to your question about employment laws, sex workers are generally independent contractors, not employees. And finally, please, let's stop looking at women as nothing more than a sum of their body parts.

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It really is time to move on from that way of thinking. Jennifer Souness has had an unusual life.

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You can learn more about her here. To send Jennifer a question, life.

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Dear Jennifer: What happens to ageing sex workers? Jennifer SounessJul 11 Confidence and empathy are more valued in an escort than nubility, says Jennifer. Victoria Birkinshaw. The quest for female youth and perfection has accelerated in the age of internet pornography, says former escort agency owner Jennifer Souness.

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