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While gathering statistics and items st cloud dudley escorts interest connected with the stormy times of the Sioux outbreak and massacre of the whites in the summer ofit was suggested that a history of the first discovery and settlement of Maine Prairie would be of value, and the writer was urged to undertake it, beginning with its first discovery by the whites. We often find great differences in the details of scenes and events as related by different individuals, even when they viewed the same occurrences at the same time.

The endeavor will be to arrive as nearly as possible at the true of such historical events as maybe deemed worthy of interest.

In the early fifties, there were but few settlements north of St. Paul, and these, with the exception of St. Anthony, were quite small and chiefly confined to the rivers. Cloud and Sauk Rapids were the most northern settlements of any size on the Mississippi river. There were a few scattering settlers along the Sauk river; but there was a vast unexplored territory west of the Mississippi and south of the Sauk river, that had probably never been trodden by st cloud dudley escorts foot of the white man.

Here was a broad and undefined boundary line between the fierce and warlike tribes of the Sioux Indians on the west and their deadly and bitter foes, the savage tribes of the Chippewas, on the east.

The feud between these two tribes had been long, fierce and bloody, and the soil of this region had drank the blood of many of the braves of both Sioux and Chippewas. In this region there was plenty of game.

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The wild deer roamed almost unmolested. The otter, mink, muskrat, and other fur bearing animals, were found in great s around the thousands of lakes. Wolves, wild cats, lynx and coyotes were found roaming unmolested, for the banter from either tribe well knew the perils that st cloud dudley escorts him should he venture upon this disputed territory.

Should any hunter not return from an expedition in this direction his tribe well knew that his scalp was dangling at the belt of some warrior of the hostile tribe. If this happened, fierce war was made to avenge the loss, and in the sanguinary conflict that followed many brave warriors of both tribes lost their lives. These conflicts continued at intervals for some time after the territory was occupied by the white settlers, the last one in this section occurring in the spring ofin the town of Maine Prairie.

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Such were the conditions of this territory, when, in the yeara of families living in the state of Massachusetts decided to emigrate in a body and form a settlement by themselves in some new western state. These people were intelligent, and liberal in their views, and wished to form a settlement with people of broad and progressive minds, so that their churches and schools might be conducted in accordance with their advanced standard of truth and progress.

The agents whom st cloud dudley escorts sent out to find a suitable location for their settlement came up the Mississippi to Clearwater, in the fall ofand started westward into this unknown region. James Campbell, brother of the late Mrs. West, accompanied these agents from Clearwater. A slight snow storm somewhat bewildered them, but they soon came upon what is now known as Maine Prairie.

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As they stood upon a commanding hill and gazed upon the beautiful plain spread out before them, dotted with many beautiful groves, with innumerable lakes flashing in the bright sunlight, surrounded on all sides with a dense growth of timber, they were enraptured with the glorious scene. Coming as they had from the rugged and mountainous regions of Massachusetts, they were unused to such a landscape. They stood entranced with the grand and beautiful picture of green plains, beautiful groves and glistening lakes.

With hushed and baited breath, they drank in the glorious panorama, and enthusiastically exclaimed: "Here is what we have been looking for! Here is where we will found our grand colony! The inspiration of such a glorious country cannot fail to inspire the st cloud dudley escorts of our children with a higher and nobler idea of life. Here we can surround them with all that will make them better men and women! The golden dreams that they had cherished of a colony of intelligent, progressive and advanced thinkers, where they could rear their children in the atmosphere of the highest ideal attainment of human life, were unrealized.

When the agents could not find their "Paradise," they then called it "Paradise Lost. It may be that the good influence which each member of this community exerted st cloud dudley escorts different localities has proved a stronger force for good than they could have exerted if they had united in one isolated colony.

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From the fall of until the spring ofnothing definite had been learned of Maine Prairie. In February of that year A B. Greely and A. Messer, who had come out from Maine the fall before, and had remained at St. Anthony during the winter, st cloud dudley escorts of Maine Prairie from Mr. Henry Johnson, who kept a hotel at Neenah, six miles south of St. They came up on foot, but did not quite reach the Prairie, and returned to St.

On the 10th of March A. Greely and wife, A. Greely, A. Messer and Ansel Crommnett left St. Anthony for Maine Prairie. In due time they reached Little Prairie, three miles west of Neenah and five miles from Maine Prairie. Here they built a built a log house and began house keeping.

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Greely was the first white woman that had penetrated thus far. Dam and a few others ed them here.

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After their house was built, the men began to search for the "lost Paradize. Messer was the first to discover the Prairie, and staked out the first claim for himself, and one for Albert Staples, in the northeast corner of the Prairie, H. Dam taking an ading claim. April 10th, A. A few days later, A. Greely and Aansel St cloud dudley escorts, in looking over the Prairie for a good location, ascended a high bluff south of the Prairie.

The view from this place was grand, and filled the heart of the prospectors with delight. They counted thirteen lakes that lay beneath them, sparkling in the morning sun.

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One lake in particular attracted their attention. It was a beautiful sheet of water and lay like a pearl set in emerald, it was afterwards named Pearl Lake. Ading it, they saw what they had been looking for: Wood, and water and prairie.

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They started for the lake in haste, fearing others might appropriate their prize, paced off, staked and marked their claims, but in their excitement their strides were too long, and their claims contained enough for four settlers. This land they held and shared with their brothers, N T. Greely and J. Crommett, when they arrived the next fall.

About the 1st of May, A. Greely, H. Dam, Dudley French, A. Messer and J. Greely's ox team accompanied them, being the first team through. Dam soon came through with her husband, st cloud dudley escorts the first white women to arrive on Maine Prairie.

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Soon after the road was cut through, many other settlers from the east began to arrive. The fame of the beautiful Prairie, with its sparkling lakes, its rich soil, and beautiful groves, had reached back to Maine, and other Eastern States, and during the spring and summer of the following people arrived and took up claims: D. Fowler, F. Heywood, St cloud dudley escorts. French, Albert Staples, Wm.

Milligan, Horace Greely, M. Farwell, F. Kimball, R. Adley, James Taylor, Geo. Sutherland D. Hoyt, S. Leavett, Aaron Scribner, Andrew F. Stewart, Henry Hutchinson and Doc. All of these took claims during the spring and summer of Most of these early settlers were from the state of Maine, which will probably explain, why they named their town Maine Prairie.

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Moses Ireland laid out and plated the town-site on the west shore of Carnelian Lake, September 7th,and called it Marysville. The location was beautiful, and undoubtedly the proprietor expected to soon see a thriving and prosperous city flourishing upon his town-site.

But, like many others in the new state, it never rose above a paper town-site. In the fall of swarms of grasshoppers, or locusts, alighted on some of the farms, and deposited their eggs. The next spring the young ones damaged M. Greely's crops, and about the middle of July an immense swarm alighted on his farm, covering the ground and eating up all that the others had left.

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They all left the same day, leaving the few fields, denuded of all crops. Inman, a Close Communion Baptist took his place. In the early sixties, the frame of a Baptist church building was erected, but on of the war, never was finished.

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In the present church was built and dedicated. InRev. Levi Gleason was sent by the Methodists to Maine Prairie, and held occasional services in private residences and school houses.

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