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Thread starter General Urko Start date Aug 9, General Urko Well-known member. ed Oct 24, Messages 16, There is very limerick prostitutes anecdotal evidence that the street prostitution business in the traditional areas for it has made a strong comeback. Despite the Garda sting which nabbed a of punters using a honey trap scenario utilising limerick prostitutes talents of some of Templemore's finest graduate fillies as bait some time ago! One client who was caught is rumoured to have committed suicide as a consequence well done to what ever clown sanctioned that operation!

There are between ladies selling services on those streets every night, the vast majority, Eastern European and it seems pimped!

There also seems to be regular squad car prescence about the area probably to deter would be punters rather than catch any pimps. Residents are it seems up in arms, because it is so obvious! My sources are limerick prostitutes the community forum in www.

It has also been confirmed for me by a friend living in the city and he says they congregate around a well known pub which has nothing to do with it and no doubt would like it stopped where the proprietor had an ironically name profession in the recent past!

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With the TORL sponsored extreme anti sex worker recommendations of the recent insane committee deed to basically force sex workers on to the streets and indeed if they wish to continue to work, force them to work from the streets only, is the situation in Limerick, the way it's going to be for sex workers post new laws on? Decriminalisation would mean nothing at all in this limerick prostitutes, technically, almost all sex workers are decriminalised at least indoors and alone.

Galway has never had a street walking area as such, these new proposals if enacted could lead to one being developed and limerick prostitutes in areas which have traditionally had them! Limerick doesn't sound like this!

Ex prostitute says limerick farmer was ‘vile’

I can understand in terms of matters such as client vetting, easier to refuse certain clients limerick prostitutes taking less clothes off in car punts than in brothels, why a sex worker might choose the streets over indoors but it surely must be a small minority although supposedly Rachel Moran preferred it!

Martin to assist! Limerick Lad Well-known member. ed Nov 17, Messages 4, Rachel Moran who you quote in your post favours introducing limerick prostitutes "Nordic Model" which decriminalises those who sell sex acts and the criminalisation of those who purchase sex and says that if it is unacceptable for your mother, wife or daughter to engage in prostitution then it is equally unacceptable for the mothers, wives or daughters of others.

Rachel Moran completely debunks the myth of the "happy hooker".

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Limerick Lad said:. Click to expand ed Dec 14, Messages 64, Limerick prostitutes edited: Aug 9, Prohibition would only drive the trade further underground. The solution to pimping is legalisation of the adult sex trade. That way sex workers will have recourse to industrial relations in terms of treatment by their employers if they have one and will not have to fear jail for going to the Gardai.

Prostitution limerick - whores limerick

And it is not true that the Nordic model does not punish sex workers too. They can have their children taken off them. The proposal advocated by the Oireachas Justice Committee provides for this, as well as for limerick prostitutes continued criminalisation of prostitutes working in groups, and those who refuse to testify against alleged pimps. This also undermines the alleged pimp's right to a presumption of innocence. One interesting fact: notice that you never hear of adult male prostitutes being pimped.

Why is that?

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Because they aren't that's why. It is an insult to common sense to argue that big strong men can be pimped. It doesn't happen.

Mystery surrounds limerick "red light district" s

So the feminist arguments fall down in that situation, and if there is going to be a prohibition which I oppose along the Nordic model then it should leave adult male prostitution out of the equation unless there is pimping involved which there is no evidence of whatsoever in the case of adults. General Urko said:. Rachel started on the streets at 15 apparently and said she never met a decent punter. Well guess what if your target market is perverts who want limerick prostitutes girls, well then she will never meet limerick prostitutes decent punter. I don't buy this Oh Lovely Ruhama saved me the orders behind Ruhama ironically were some of the orders behind the Magdellan Concentration camps.

Ruhama and our future president's Immigrant Council of Ireland and some similar TORL groups, realise in these times of austerity, donations and government subsidies are down, so new revenue streams have to be opened up, hence they have discovered 'trafficking' and potential government funding to help 'deprogramme' sex workers who claim to have been trafficked after the Swedish model legislation with knobs on have limerick prostitutes seen the insane recommendations of the recent anti sex worker committee?

BTW I accept most sex workers would rather be surgeons.

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A person can voluntarily rent sexual services if adult and of sound mind! I have started a Thread using Rachel Moran's comments limerick prostitutes a basis called 'The Myth Of The Unhappy Hooker" limerick prostitutes theren has been an extremely informative thread on 'The Dail Should Reject The Swedish Model' which uses international evidence and evidence from Sweden which comprehensively tears that insane anti sex worker model to shreds!

I suggest you inform yourself by reading through those thre and stop falling for propaganda spread by those with vested interests who are a mix of man haters and those who hate sex workers for giving it away so cheaply and especially to men and who want to see both suffer in particular the female sex workers!

Vice city: sunday mirror investigates limerick's booming sex trade

Deleted member Guest. They should be carrying knives instead of avengances, if they're on the streets of Limerick. Is it your contention that Rachel Moran willingly became a prostitute at the age of 15 because she wanted to and that somehow it's her fault?

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KongMing said:. Fodhla Dhearg Banned. ed Aug 6, Messages 4, I think prostitution will exist in any society, be it Communist or Capitalist. The plain fact is that many people enjoy being prostitutes, are very accomplished at their art, and wouldn't limerick prostitutes content to work at anything else. It's better to legalize and regulate it, rather than drive it underground where the prostitutes male or female have no protection or support. Street prostitution, however, should not be allowed, as it is too invasive on others, and would certainly not be practiced by professional prostitutes, i.

It was this part of your post limerick prostitutes made surmise that you believed that she was a willing participant in her exploitation, maybe that is not what you meant but it certainly comes across that way. I think the point General Urko was making was that there is no such thing as a "good punter" of prostitute. It's not comparable to punters of adult prostitution.

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Fodhla Dhearg said:. Actually you raise one interesting question was there prostitution in Limerick during the all to brief days of the famous Limerick Soviet? Astral Peaks Well-known member. ed Nov 9, Messages 25, That is not what he said, he stated that Rachel Moran's target market was perverts who want underage girls, implying that she as a 15 year old was willingly seeking out men who wanted to have sex with underage limerick prostitutes even his addition in brackets of the word apparently suggests he disbelieves that she was a prostitiute at the age of 15 as described in her biography "Paid For: My Journey limerick prostitutes Prostitution".

ed May 2, Messages 12, PeeOKneel Well-known member. ed Mar 20, Messages

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