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Persons at high risk of HIV infection in Kazakhstan, especially injection drug users and sex workers, face systemic harassment and abuse from police. Police in Kazakhstan are notorious for torturing and otherwise mistreating detainees, which has led to growing public mistrust of law enforcement agencies.

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Testimony gathered for this report describes cases of arbitrary arrest, verbal and physical mistreatment including beating with a baton or fists, physical abuse in some cases constituting torture, extortion, the planting of evidence on an IDU's or sex worker's person, forced sex including unprotected sexand coerced confessions.

They fuel the fears and mistrust sex workers and IDUs have of police, and by extension of other authorities, including government AIDS services.

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For example, a study among drug users in nine cities of Kazakhstan revealed that IDUs in Almaty and Shymkent in particular practiced high-risk injecting behavior in part due to police persecution; 74 another study showed that one group of drug users in Shymkent who had begun to inject six to eleven months earlier had 72 percent HIV prevalence. Risky prostitution in kazakhstan that could be changed continue unabated. The abuses are indefensible and cannot be justified as necessary to provide reasonable enforcement of laws related to narcotics use and sex work in Kazakhstan.

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Police abuse of injection drug users. Our people and society think like this-a drug user is washed up. He's looked upon like a prostitute, like an outcast from society. Baljan K. Injection drug users are easy arrest targets, not only because of their marginalized status in society but because they can be arrested and convicted for very small amounts of drugs, sometimes prostitution in kazakhstan small as one dose of heroin.

Regional specialists report that underfunding of police forces, widespread corruption and notorious unprofessionalism has resulted in the direct involvement of police in organized criminal activities throughout Central Asia.

prostitution in kazakhstan During the course of research for this report, Human Rights Watch collected repeated and consistent testimony from injection drug users, sex workers, government health officials, and harm reduction workers on law enforcement officials who themselves work as agents in and earn profits from the drug and sex trades. In Julyfor example, a high-level officer in the Shymkent regional Ministry of Internal Affairs admitted that, in addition to extortion and abuse of office, drug trafficking was an increasingly frequent charge laid formally against police officers in the south of the country.

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Numerous prostitution in kazakhstan drug users and other persons interviewed by Human Rights Watch indicated that arrests often take place close to drug dealing points, either as users make their way there or as they return with the purchased drugs.

Once apprehended, according to witness s, a detainee can be subjected to extortion as an alternative to arrest, can have drugs planted on him or her in order to justify the grounds for the arrest, or can be subjected to threats and physical ill-treatment such as beating with fists or feet.

For example, when forty-one-year-old Abdelkasim Begzhanov approached a drug dealing point in Shymkent in Marchhe claimed that local police at the moment of his arrest planted drugs on his person and beat him.

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Begzhanov also pointed to reticence on the part of police to apprehend drug dealers:. I was walking there, where they sell [the drugs], they [the police] saw me, took my money, pushed it [the drugs] into my pocket, and beat and beat me.

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They hang out exactly there where the drugs are sold, but they don't catch them, the dealers, you see, they give money [to the police]. Lena Khopoleva, thirty-seven, from Temirtau, told how in she had been beaten by police in Temirtau while departing a drug dealing point.

She said that law enforcement agents' attitude towards HIV-positive persons reinforces their hostility:. I was beaten not long ago; it was near the "Afghan" store. I was beaten in the head, and on my body, with their fists, I didn't fall down, but then prostitution in kazakhstan let me go. Sometimes police mistreat injection drug users unable or unwilling to comply with extortion demands.

They may try to ensure future cooperation or the guarantee that the victim will not report the abuse by presenting him or her with free drugs.

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Police supplied him with drugs to ease the pain that resulted from the beating:. When he was working and able to pay off the police, he did. But during last year.

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He didn't make a complaint. Police can also extort or harass relatives of injection drug users to maintain psychological pressure regarding a potential arrest. Another mother of a drug user in Pavlodar told Human Rights Watch that when her son was detained for drug possession inthe responsible policeman had offered her son's release in exchange for free sexual services. The mother agreed to meet with the policeman at a later date, following the release of her prostitution in kazakhstan she explained that she had done so to prevent her son's future arrest.

When I delivered the money, they [the police] returned the narcotics to me. Women injection drug users said police sometimes resort to conducting body cavity searches close prostitution in kazakhstan drug-dealing points, suspecting that women hide drugs inside their bodies. These witnesses said some of these body searches led to sex in exchange for the return of seized drugs.

Thirty-seven-year-old Lena Khopoleva told Human Rights Watch that in in Termirtau while departing a drug dealing site she was undressed by local police during a body cavity search and insulted. It was about a year and a half ago.

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I was coming back from the yama Under the current repressive drug laws, large s of injection drug users serve a prison term at one time or another during the period of their addiction. Procedural safeguards are also either widely abused or absent during pretrial detention, criminal investigations, and trials. I was held at the police station at 5, Lenin Street. They wanted to close up a case. Olga F.

He recounted that he had been detained while in possession of drugs and prostitution in kazakhstan been coerced to confess to false robbery charges while in pretrial detention.

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So they pinned it on me. I was lucky because I was released after about thirteen months for lack of evidence [on the robbery charge]," he said.

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Physical abuse is also employed to extract confessions during the criminal investigation process. Amanzholov continued. If the drug user is beaten and confesses, he is offered a certain charge. If he accepts the charge, for example, if he already committed a robbery and did a sentence, he is told, "Accept this [other] crime [too]. One year more or less [in prison] is not going to make much difference to him. Drug users interviewed by Human Rights Watch also stated that while in detention many succumb to pressure from law enforcement agents to prostitution in kazakhstan to false charges when supplied by the latter with drugs or temper their complaints about physical abuse when supplied with drugs.

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Forty-one-year-old Abdelkasim Begzhanov, for example, told Human Rights Watch in Shymkent that he ceased complaints to the prosecutor about torture when pretrial detention center personnel began to supply him with heroin: ". They spread my legs wide apart like this. I shut up. But those that don't have money sometimes have false charges "hung" on them.

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For prostitution in kazakhstan dose he or she will accept robbery charges, for example. Some detainees take the drugs because they're really in pain. If he or she has already been convicted for robbery once, then it doesn't make a difference to them, he or she will take even up to five robbery charges.

So they [the police] have a robbery solved, for their crime-solving records, and the drug user gets drugs. A detainee with drugs has power among other inmates, not least because he or she can share the drugs if so inclined. Fifty-two-year-old Sergei T. I was arrested inhere in Kazakhstan we're put away for 0.

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It's [0. I had a half palka on me, though. Two policemen pounced on me, and started to beat me. I said, "It's not mine.


But prostitution in kazakhstan in Temirtau can you buy a palka that weighs 0. I had 0. This means that they increased the amount when they did the expertise of the material evidence. I've served eight sentences, thirty years altogether, my whole live I've been put away on drug charges. Some witnesses said detainees can often negotiate fees to obtain release from pretrial detention. Kairat D. Kairat stated, "Not long ago I ran into my friend, a drug user who injects drugs from time to time.

He got caught with a small amount of drugs, they detained him, and he had to give over [U. It was in Temirtau, they asked for [U. Law enforcement officials are also reported to extort money from detainees and detainees' relatives in exchange for reducing the length of sentences. A government lawyer named a fixed price-U. They were going to sentence him anyways, but he said the sentence could be reduced to a minimum of three years prostitution in kazakhstan regime.

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When he offered to meet in his car, I sensed that it wasn't a totally clean deal. I spoke with my relatives, we agreed to a smaller sum, and he lowered his price, too. Our bargaining led to [U. Elena T. She stated.

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A year off a sentence costs [U. One witness reported that she received a harsher sentence for her infraction because she was HIV-positive. Lena Khopoleva, thirty-seven, asserted that the judge presiding in her trial in modified her sentence, which would most likely have been a suspended sentence or corrective labor, once her HIV status became known to him:. I had been charged with drugs possession.

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I had only a very small amount on me. He gave me a year in prison because I'm HIV-positive.

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