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Violation of Utah Code Ann. Lied during application and polygraph with Phx PD who then rejected. Applicant applied at DPS and failed to reveal his Soma use in which would have made him ineligible until He Revoke did not reveal the conduct until after he gUsed Soma in for recreational purposes to get high. Applied for certification in when he wasn't qualified yet. Needed to wait additional year.

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A - voyeurism knowingly invade the privacy of another person without the knowledge Automatic Revoke of the other person for the purpose of sexual stimulation. Failure to report for duty. Release of sensitive information to unauthorized person.

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Alleged drug sales. He was working task force with USPS and was cashing nonprosecutable money orders and keeping the money.

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Federal investigation-on hold. Failure to investigate cases. Engaged in sex and released her from custody.

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Criminal charge filed. Tested positive escort dana nottingham methadone as part of a random drug screen test. Admitted 3 uses of his wife's prescribed methadone for back pain. Lied about pointing taser at step-son. Failure to complete reports. History of failure to write reports regarding criminal matters reported by the public. Submission of false time sheetsSubmission of false time sheets Lied to a supervisor and provided the supervisor a memorandum detailing the same untruth: he denied he had himself replaced escort dana nottingham brake Revoke pad on his ased vehicle. As a probationary employee, he provided his Lt a memorandum Revoke detailing his being arrested that contained false information.

Failed to properly investigate cases and impound evidenceFailed to properly investigate cases and impound evidence misdemeanor warrants for FTA on bad check chargesBad checks Without authorization - gave a dog belonging to a deceased person to a Revoke firefighter. Without authorization - gave a dog belonging to a deceased person to a firefighter. A1 Did not report use of force to supervisor or document in a report Lied about where he was taught an asp sternum rubShoved a handcuffed prisoner backward into a stone wall, used a leg sweep technique three times in an attempt to have prisoner sit down, and used ASP baton to conduct a "sternum rub" when prisoner refused to place feet inside rear of police vehicle.

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Did not properly impound property. Inappropriate racially based comments to co-workers and attempts to influence witnesses to retract complaints. Attempt to influence witnesses to retract complaints. Used Navajo Nation credit card to place fuel in his personal vehicle. Also misused credit card on numerous other occasions.

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Criminally prosecuted for offenses related to theft. Failure to complete reports and submit evidence. The money was never found. Felony conviction.

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A later application to Glendale he stated use was between times. Criminal speeding.

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Pled to Conspiracy. Class D Felony in federal court. Subject admitted to conducting multiple Traffic Stops of an individual who allegedly owed money to and ex Pima County Deputy. Subject would stop individual and solicited, obtained monies from the individual he was stopping.

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Johns Personnel Board Hearing. While Off-Duty at Public Night club, subject assaulted, a escort dana nottingham Maricopa County Sherriff's deputy who was working off-Duty asment at night club. Untruthful during City of St. Also made False Statements Brought handcuffed subject to an isolated location after not having Automatic Revoke enough evidence for an arrest and proceeded to touch and kiss her. Provided material false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Continued to detain subject after determining there was not enough evidence for an arrest and that the subject would be released.

Spent numerous hours away from work and falsified escort dana nottingham sheets and logsLeft ased work area with county vehicle. MR prior to September 11, Engaged and initiated unlawful traffic stops, unlawful access to Criminal Revoke History Information for personal purposes and harassment. Harassment of women. Subject committed false swearing by swearing to information he knew was false to obtain a Search Warrant.

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False swearing in obtaining a search warrant. Obtained a search warrant through false swearing.

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Relationship then included sexual conduct. Subject committed theft by misappropriating funds Subject stole "Jawbone Bluetooth device from store. Guilty plea to three counts of computer tampering, a class six undeated felony. CR and not knowing anyone by the name of "John Stimac.

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Unlawful Flight from a Law Enforcement Vehicle when David French fled from a surprise PD officer after an attempt to pull over the car which was exhibiting reckless and erratic driving. Theft of gasoline from Maricopa County Equipment Services facility. Evidence indicates he did. During an internal investigation, a ificant amount of sexually based materials, i. Officer agreed to voluntary relinquishment without admitting to misconduct.

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Hawkes said he was told to take a day off and that he wouldn't be ased to a specific escort dana nottingham. Both statements were said to be untrue and that Hawkes was never told either one. Officer Perez had a sexual relationship with a seventeen yearo old female member of the Explorer Program of which Officer Perez was an advisor. Officer Dez reportedly pulled his weapon for no apparent reason during the stop.

He recorded sick time on his time sheet. Hindering prosecution and soliciting to commit tampering with physical evidence.

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Gave instructions to former boyfriend who was a known suspect in an alleged sexual assault of his estranged wife telling him to destroy potential evidence. Deliberately omitted pertinent facts from his written report. Lied about where his patrol car was located, disabled GPS so the car could not be located Voluntary Relinquishment Used her work vehicle to go to bar after work.

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When leaving bar she was stopped by Mesa officer. Later stated that she had no recollection Voluntary of ever going to the bar. Used her escort dana nottingham vehicle to go to bar after work. Relinquishment When leaving bar she was stopped by Mesa officer. Later stated that she had no recollection of ever going to the bar.

Voluntary Relinquishment Was not truthful when he informed supervisors and investigators he had instructed a subordinate to retrieve and impound a firearm as evidence.

Solicited an escort dana nottingham of prostitution at an illicit massage parlor while employed as a Tucson Police Officer. Submitted fake receipts for reimbursement McClellan has sexual intercourse on duty with a woman he had been dispatched to a call from. Participated in scheme to export protected technology Night vision rifle scope to another country Columbia. One scope was in fact exported illegally. Consumed alcohol off-duty and drove a County vehicle within eight hours after drinking. Also wrecked the vehicle with an unauthorized passenger aboard and didn't report the injury.

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